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Accommodation in the USA

Never a country to do things by halves, the United States of America (USA) offers several of the worlds most exciting cities, extensive national parks and grand canyons that beg to be explored. As the birth place of rock ‘n’ roll, it prides itself on its independent lifestyle, so whether it’s a holiday condo in Hawaii or a rental apartment in New York, the USA provides you with endless possibilities.

Places to Holiday in the USA

Florida- Nicknamed “the sunshine state” Florida boasts gorgeous beaches and warm water. Located in south east America, the Florida peninsula offers everything from Disney, The Everglades, Miami and the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral. If you are looking for a holiday of a lifetime than Florida is truly it.

California – Based on the west coast of America, California is home to Hollywood and celebrities. With top restaurants and nightlife to be had, holiday rentals in Los Angeles or Palm Springs are a must, whilst Orange County and San Francisco offer villas and holiday apartment that allow you to take in the scenery and the Mediterranean styled climate.

New York – Home to the largest city in the USA, the state of New York not only boasts, New York City with its awe inspiring skyscrapers, world famous museums and restaurants and its love of Boardway shows. It also boasts the coastal villages of The Hamptons, where the rich and famous New York elite like to get away and relax from the hustle of New York, whilst Long Island allows one to retrace their family roots in this world famous state.

Hawaii – If you’re looking for a self caering holiday that has it all, than Hawaii will offer you a truly unique experience. With new and old cultures blended together, the paradise islands of Hawaii offer volcanoes, national parks, beaches, along with the history and traditions of the native Polynesian people.

Arizona – The state of Arizona, with its popular cities like Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tuscan offers more than a few attractions. Home to the Grand Canyon it offers breath-taking scenery with its raging rivers, tranquil lakes, intricate caves and incredible mountains.

Weather in the USA

Due to its immense size and geographically diversity, weather in the USA can vary greatly depending on the location. With south and west regions of America tending to offer warmer and dryer climates whilst north and east America climates are more temperate with older winters.

Travel to the USA

Cheap flights to the USA , can be found with all major airlines. Most of which will fly directly to the USA’s major cities and regions daily. If travelling to America from the UK visitors should check their visa requirements. Car hire in the USA is recommended in most cities, due to the vast space both within the city and its surrounding areas.