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About Us

About Us was established in 2008 by Keely and Linda Capel, and is the UK’s first online auction for holiday rentals. From their personal experience was created by a gap spotted in the market through involvement with foreign holiday home owners who rent out their properties to holiday makers. however it has been seen first hand that a number of these owners end up wth vacant weeks that they are unable to sell.

The niche website assists holiday rental owners with an alternative method of selling available holiday weeks. Ensuring additional revenue by providing a safe, convenient and easy to use site.

The Team

Keely and Linda head up the team and have hands on involvement in the day to day operation of the company.

Both from a UK travel industry background. Keely spent 7 years working with leading travel agents and tour operators and obtained qualifications in travel and tourism and travel management.

Linda also spent a number of years working with a leading UK travel agent before becoming partner in a Property management company focused on private accommodation within Spain and Portugal.

As a family run business the company is currently operats from private offices, and the team works closely to ensure that customer service, advertising and marketing all work together to provide the success of every auction item for our holiday rental owners.

What We Do

At, we provide a value-added service to a variety of consumers. By having a safe and easy to use auction service, the company benefits more people than simply the holiday rental owner.

Holiday Rental Owner Features and Benefits

No cost to list auction will not charge you anything for listing your holiday rental availability into auction. only charges its 8% fee on the successful bidders final sale price.

Free re-listing of unsold items.If your listed availability does not sell in the first instance, will not charge you to re-list your item.

Reserve price facility.Allowing you the safety net of a guarantee that your rental availability will not sell for less than you are prepared to accept.

Start price allows you to pre-determine the starting price for your auction. This, used in conjunction with the reserve price facility, means you can start bidding on an auction at a very low price but be guaranteed that it will not be allowed to sell for less than you are happy to accept.

Facility to entry free text description.Allows you to showcase your holiday rental in your own words, and describe your property how you see fit using key words that will be of benefit to selling it.

Facility to upload 4 photo on each item.Allows you to visually showcase your holiday rental availability and support any written descriptions you may have entered.

Ability to load holiday homes at short notice.Allows you to add on any unsold late availability within the next week.

• Auto Re-List. Allows you to automatically re-list unsold rentals into a new auction.

• Automated Real Time.Allows you to enter all information from the comfort and convenience of your own homes or on the go! A quick process with no waiting for approval or upload information. As soon as you have completed the listing you will be able to view it live on the site.

24 hours access.Allows you to add your listings at any time night or day that is convenient for you.

Storage of saved times.Means that once you have loaded your details you will not have to start from scratch everytime you wish to list again. If a change of date is required you can simply amend this in the relevant section before hitting the submit button.

Facility to determine duration of auction.Allows you to choose how long your auction is for. If for example you have late availability within a week you may want a quick sales. You can choose the option to list it for 3 days. If however the availability is for several months time you may want maximum coverage and therefore choose to list the auction for a 10 day period.

Facility to list multiple auctions.If you have multiple weeks available you can run this in auctions simultaneously. This is also an excellent option for property management companies who may wish to list several clients properties in one go.

Buy now facility.Allows you the option to override any auction by accepting full payment on a fixed pre-determined price.

24 hour customer service.Allows you to contact at anytime with queries or requests for assistance. We belive this to be an important factor as a number of holiday rental owners will be listing properties outside of normal working hours.

Tourists Features and Benefits

Watch auction facility.Allows you to watch multiple live auctions simultaneously making it easy for you to select what to bid on and when.

Automated bidder facility.Allows you to set a pre-determined maximum bid so the system can automatically bid on your behalf. This Means you do not have to sit in front of your computer or keep checking your bids during the auction.

• Destination
listings.Make it easy for you to find your exact match – property type, in the right location or preferred dates.

Communication Portal.Permits you to communication directly with the owner whilst the auction is taking place. Given you instant access to ask questions about the holiday rental before you purchase.

Ending soon facility.Benefits you by grouping together the auctions that will be ending in the next 24 hours so you can secure the best deals.

Buy Now facility.Provides the option of overriding the auction by paying the price in full pre-determined by the owner.

24 hours customer serviceEnables you to contact at anytime wth any queries or requests for assistance.

Contact Us

If you are interested in auctioning your holiday rental availability or are currently doing so and require further assistance please contact us on::

Telephone + 44 (0) 844 358 1078
Email:[email protected]

If you are interested in advertising on our site, please email:[email protected]

If you are a property management company or have five or more holiday rental properties to rent please email: [email protected]

Should you wish to contact us in writing our address is: Ltd
3 Milton Close
Horton Village
SL3 9PP ltd is registered in England and Wales No. 6856281
Registered Office: 26 Catsey Woods, Bushey Heath, Herts, WD23 4HS